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You can’t tackle a DIY job


without properly obsessing over how you are going to do it, how long it’s going to take and also what items you need to get the job done.  To make it easy we’ve got links to a variety of DIY projects.

Porta Contour Walls

These beautiful timber walls are created by interlocking Porta timber lengths.  Create a winning space yourself.

Build your own deck

It’s almost summer and you can almost imagine long nights under the stars on your new deck.  A well designed deck can add value to your castle – before you start creating your dream deck, check with the council.  Also consider whether you went your deck to be in the shade or sun, do you need power, will it be quiet and private and how big is the furniture you want to put on the deck.  Once you decide what you want to use it for, you’re on the way!

More DIY Projects

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