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NEW – We have a beautiful range of wallpaper in store by Graham & Brown.

Founded in 1946, Graham & Brown began a wallpaper revolution.  By 1984 the Superfresco range went on to become the best selling wallpaper brand in the world, available in over 50 countries.  By 1992 the company had innovated, ‘paste the wall’ technology to a contemporary audience and today we have a select range of wallpaper in store to choose from.

How To:


‘Paste-the-wall’ uses a special backing paper that doesn’t expand when it gets wet. As you don’t need to soak the wallpaper, the paste can be applied directly to the wall which saves a significant amount of time compared to regular wallpapers. Therefore Paste-the-Wall wallpaper products can be hung quickly and easily, cutting decorating time by half.


After following the normal checks of batches, and drawing a plumb line follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Paste the wall rather than the paper. This is the quickest, cleanest and easiest way to wallpaper as unlike conventional wallpaper you can paste the wall rather than the paper, meaning no soak time and no pasting table, cutting decorating time in half.

Step 2: Hang dry straight from the roll, because ‘Paste-the-wall’ products are dimensionally stable when wet there is no need to soak them. This means the product can be hung dry from the roll, with less mess.

Step 3: Trim for perfect finish. Because it is hung dry ‘Paste-the-wall’ is easier to trim either with a knife or by running the back of your scissors along the edge of the wallpaper. This will leave a visible crease on the front and back of the wallpaper, cut along this crease and brush back into place for a perfect finish. Plus: It is easy to remove. ‘Paste-the-wall’ is easy to remove when you fancy a change – simply lift a corner and peel upwards to remove.

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