White Knight Colour Charts

Interior/Exterior Water Based Enamel

White Knight Splashes can be used on suitably prepared timber, metal, ceramics, fibreglass and glass



• Quick drying

• Easy to apply and clean

• Large range of colours

• Water based

• Interior and exterior application

White Knight Touch Up is an acrylic formulation designed for the repair and maintenance of pre-painted metal.



• Touch Dry in 15 minutes*

• Available in satin finishes to match COLORBOND®** and powder coated metal surfaces (only satin not Gloss)

• Hard wearing

• Excellent coverage and adhesion

• Adjustable spray nozzle

• Safe to spray – CFC and lead free

• Non-chroming formula

* At an average temperature of 25oC, relative humidity 50%

**COLORBOND® is a registered trademark of BlueScope Limited

White Knight Squirts is a high quality, quick drying acrylic enamel spray paint ideal for many projects around the home



• Paint and primer in one

• Bonds to plastic, wood, metal and more

• Quick drying – Touch dry in 10 minutes

• Excellent coverage – 3.5 m²

• Hard wearing

• Cleaner & brighter whites

• Interior and exterior use

• Safe to spray – CFC and lead free

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