Job Application Tips

Preparing your application & for interview

At Globe Mitre 10 we have a recruitment process in place

that ensures we attract and employ the best people for the roles and that are importantly the best in all areas of customer service; and
a great fit for the team. We have a diverse set of skills and knowledge within the team and a common goal to provide fantastic customer service and an excellent shopping experience for all customers.

We have a probationary period during which time our new starters can assess us as employers and we can determine that our new team members have the skills to ensure they can provide fantastic customer service and look after the customers in all aspects of their purchasing from Globe.

Whenever we advertise a vacancy, we’ll insert a small ad in the Barrier Truth newspaper and refer to the full job advertisement that appears in the employment section of this website.  The full advertisement will give a much better idea of what the job entails and will detail the knowledge and skills you need to be successfully shortlisted for interview.

You won’t be shortlisted based on the submission of a resume alone.  We need the covering letter that we’ve requested so that

  • we can see an example of your written (typed) work
  • we can see that you can follow direction by writing the letter (as we’ve asked of you)
  • you’ve demonstrated attention to detail in contacting the right people at Globe about the role and addressed the application accordingly.

It’s the start to finding the most suitable candidate.  If you would like more tips on how to prepare a great application and read about interviewing tips, click here.

We hope to meet you soon.

At Globe, our customers come first & so we’re doing more for homemakers, renovators, and tradies.


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