Connected Home

Your home connectivity needs

Protect – Automate – Save

Turning your castle into a Connected Home will give you convenience, connectivity, security and efficiency around the home. By connecting your devices you can control your home via a central Smart Hub or through a smart device like a Smartphone.


  • What needs do you have around the home you’d like to automate or control?
  • What activities do you want to control?
  • How do you want to control your devices?

How do you want to control your connected home?

Once you’ve outlined what your needs are what you need to start your Connected Home it is a good idea to decide how you’d like to bring it all together. There are a number of technologies that you should consider so that all your devices can work easily together.

Apple devices

If you’re familiar with Apple devices you should look out for devices that work with Apple HomeKit.

Android Smartphone or a Google Home

You should look for devices that work with Google Assistant.

Amazon Echo Smart Hub

Look out for devices that work with Amazon Alexa


Connected accessories

Connected door locks

Connected door bells

Connected garden

Connected lighting

Connected padlocks

Connected security

Connected switches/sockets


Once you’ve browsed the options in the above categories, drop into Globe and see the devices & purchase in-store on the spot or place an order – you may want to by using click’n’collect by purchasing while you browse the links above.



NOTE:  It’s going to be a little bit frustrating in the beginning, configuring your items but you’ll have fun with it eventually.

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