Building Materials

Building materials

Our Trade Centre

in Warehouse 2 accommodates our building materials including iron, wall, ceiling & wet area boards, timber, concrete mesh & rods, insulation and more.  In the Trade Centre the team will help you load up so that you’re in and out efficiently.  Stocked items change so call the team to check if we have it in stock, the date of re-stocking or to place an order.

Concrete mesh

  • F82 F72 F62 in stock
  • Size relates to main wire thickness (f82 is 8.2mm thick
  • Sheet size is 6000mm x 2400mm
  • Used to strengthen concrete

Deformed bar – used to pin concrete slabs together

  • N12 in stock
  • 12mm diameter 6000mm long

Trench Mesh – used in concrete footings

  • TM11 in stock
  • 3 bar 200mm wide 6000mm long


    • Fletcher insulation Firmasoft Wall & Ceiling Range


  • 10mm thick
  • Various sheet sizes from 2400 – 4800mm in length and 1200 or 1350 in width
  • Water resistant in stock (limited sizes, standard is majority)
  • Normal plasterboard white in colour
  • Water resistant is blue
  • Products for joining
    • Basecote 45 / 60 / 90 number denote working / drying times
    • Topcote
    • Total joint (mixture of base and topcote)
    • Cornice cove 55 or 90 in stock
    • 3000mm to 4800mm length
    • Use cornice cement (45 / 60) denotes working and setting time
    • Perforated external angles for corners
    • Backing angle for internal

Hardiflex (prima flex) – used under eves and internal/external lining

  • 5 thick (in stock)
  • Sheet sizing from 1800 to 3000 long and 900 or 1200 wide
  • Bevelled edge uses a joining strip or can be butt joined


Villaboard (prima aqua)

  • 6mm thick
  • Sheet sizing from 1800 to 3600 long and 900,1200 and 1350 wide
  • Used mainly in bathrooms under tiles
  • Recommended for wet areas – can be painted
  • Has a recessed edge for joining on two long sides


  • 5 mm thick
  • Sheet sizing either 1200 x 2400 or 1200 x 3000 in stock
  • Used as a exterior cladding under render or painted over
  • Has a recessed edge for joining on two long sides and 1 short side
  • Uses specific joint product (Dunlop joint and patch) and blue board tape
zinc-corrugated-iron-620x620 ADD THIS TO THE BUILDING MATERIALS SLIDE

Corrugated iron

  • .42 base metal thickness ( .35 and .48 available on order)
  • 760mm coverage
  • Colorbond colors available
  • Can be ordered to length up to 12000mm
  • Stock sheets sold by the sheet

115 D gutter

  • Brackets, pops, ends in stock
  • Lengths 3600, 4800, 6000 in stock
  • Colorbond available by order rolled to length up to 12000mm
  • Minimum offcut length 2400mm

350 Roll Top Ridge Cap

  • Lengths 3600, 4800, 6000mm
  • Colorbond available by order and rolled to length up to 12000mm
  • Minimum offcut length 2400mm


  • Sizes 50×50, 75×75, 100×100, 150×150
  • 2400mm in length
  • Custom flashing available upon request
  • Colorbond colors available


  • Sold by length
  • Various sizes available


  • 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm in stock
  • 5mm thick (200mm 2.0mm)
  • Stock length 6100mm sold as lengths


  • Part of a larger system
  • Some clips and joiners located 7l6

Kane fill

  • Bitumen impregenated fibre board
  • 100mm and 200mm by 2400mm in stock
  • Used as a expansion joint in concrete path ways/ external concreting


  • 25mm, 35mm and 55mm available
  • 7500mm lengths, sold as length
  • Foam to suit located at retail 4 end

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