Project Ideas for Kids

Wer’e here to help keep the family occupied

We’ll keep you busy with suggestions…

get the kids involved to keep them busy if only to stop them from opening the fridge constantly, complaining the internet is too slow and whining about nothing new on TV.

Cardboard fun

Pickup one of these great cardboard projects from Globe for kids and let them build it and decorate it – hours of fun.  Choose from a shop front, rocket or cubby house.

Create a chalkboard

This is an easy project you can do with the kids and leave them to draw for hours.  You can make it a more permanent part of the home, a temporary instalment or a novel one by cutting board to size and putting it on a tabletop, back of a door – anywhere.

All you need to start is 2 items:

Create a vegie patch

Pick a plot in the back yard, build a square garden bed with sleepers & fix them together, fill with soil, potting mix & nutrients, grab some garden stakes & plant the seeds.

The kids can get their hands dirty during the build and then look after the vegies, watch them grow and eat as they go.


100cm sand pit + 4 bags sand $58.05

Raised garden bed 2000 x 1300 x 400mm $169

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