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If you have a repair you’re proud of, a project you’ve completed, or a paint project that’s picture perfect and we’ve helped you achieve it please send us a message via the contact form and we’ll be in touch to get your story and images.    In the mean time, check out these submissions below.  So clever!

Cosy outdoor retreat

Not to be outdone by other customers’ great efforts, Ben has achieved this great space with most gear from Globe including the outdoor kitchen tiles, BBQ, materials and pots etc for the stunning wall garden to the occasional chairs in the TV room.  It looks fabulous & cozy. (June 2020)

Backyard playground

Kerry-sue built this great playground with gear – timber, pine logs, rope set, plastic etc – from Globe for her grandson – a fancy split-level tree house with climbing ropes and a horse to trot around on.  Great job! (June 2020)

Backyard play paradise

Art & craft haven

Set up your creative space just right with gear from Globe.  Estella’s done a great job and everything here including pegboard, spray paint, containers & caddies – came from the store to create a haven or getaway in which to, well… create!  Now, what to make….creativity is only limited by your imagination. (June 2020)

art and craft haven
art and craft haven (1)

Wallpaper creativity

This old pine dresser was given a facelift with ‘builders white’ gloss oil base paint.  A blush and rose gold design came from the Globe wallpaper selection and used in the panels.  Pine knob handles were swapped out for decorative handles.  All the facelift gear came from Globe.  It looks great!  (March 2020)

Before very stylish makeover
After the facelift

Lawn to love

A very happy customer sent us these snaps after having used Lawn Porn (and Richgro Black Beetle / Grub Killer ) .  In 4 weeks it went from lousy to luscious and was mowed for the first time in ages.  Thanks for your message Jo!

lawn project b4 photo
lawn project after photo

Spit magic

Des contributed this gem to our projects gallery.  He is very proud of his home made covered spit.  A hood was added to a rotisserie by the customer to create this impressive piece.  All gear came from Globe. (Nov 2019)


Barn door

This barn door was designed by a creative customer and built in the Globe workshop using an internal door with Ezy VJ board on one side.  Solid pine was added to the top, bottom and sides to give the barn door a rustic feel.  It also added height to fit the door cavity and have solid material to drill into for the rail system.  2 coats of ‘builders white’ oil based gloss paint gave it the finishing touch.  A header board was screwed to the wall and the Barn Door Track Set mounted and attached to the door. Everything was purchased from Globe (except the barn door handle).  Stylish!  (August 2019)


Dining bench

A  ver clever Globe team member created this bench seat with storage. All materials & tools (staple gun is essential) came from Globe (except the upholstery fabric, dacron & foam). The bench was made from 2 x Faulkner $69 kitchen flat pack cabinets laid down, screwed together and secured to an Ezi-trim base on the floor.  Ribbon through the handle holes is to lift doors to access storage.  3″ foam on 6mm MDF was used for the seat and 2″ foam on 4mm peg board used for the back rest and allows for a needle to pass through to secure bling or buttons for a tufted look. (June 2019)

bench seat (2)
bench seat (3)

At Globe, our customers come first & so we’re doing more for homemakers, renovators, and tradies.


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