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Refunds processed by Brenton, Sam & Leelee.

Refunds processed by Brenton, Sam & Leelee.

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Portal use by Brenton, Sam & Leelee only.  Customer options on our website.


Australia Post Parcel Send (Star Trak)

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Gift card queries and balances

Vii gift cards portal

e-Gift cards. Vii Management Portal

1300 409 245 customer queries

1300 880 440 The Hub

COVID Online Check-in Form

IHG E-learning.  Administator = Leelee


Catalogue Ticket Builder


To be the region’s first choice destination for hardware & building materials


To consistently deliver product and service at the best price point with efficiency, knowledge & flair

e-Learning (17.5.22)

It’s time to revisit your online learning plans and complete courses that are outstanding.  Newer team members need to get started on their training.  Here, on the portal is the Progress Sheet that tracks everyone’s progress.  Let’s get some of the white spaces filled with completed courses.

Biggest Morning Tea Friday 20th May (16.5.22)

Please remember to tell customers i.e.  when they leave instead of staying ‘see you next time’ change it up and try saying ‘see you Friday for our Biggest Morning Tea’.

Please tell the whole team in an email what you will be bringing for the morning tea table. You don’t have to make it or bake it, you can buy it.

However small or large your contribution, it will be appreciated.

COVID cleaning (10.5.22)

Can the whole team please remind eachother especially those newer team members to spray all the equipment between customers.  I can see it isn’t being done and it’s mandatory.  We need to be thorough.  You MUST spray and wipe the counters and POS equipment.  Also wipe down high touch areas – these are regular wiping of sliding door handles, fridge handles, the products on the counter that customers pickup and look at.  COVID isn’t going away and nor will cleaning.  Use the hand sanitiser to keep your hands clean as you are always dealing with customers.

Loyalty Card DIY Rewards Registrations email account (13.12.21)

Loyalty database clean up was done in October to remove old and duplicate loyalty users and ensure the mandatory email field has an entry in it.

Use this if the customer doesn’t have an email account.

Our website (25.8.20)

“Choosing not to have a website could be losing you opportunities every day and will absolutely be decreasing your visibility to potential customers. A great website will give your business credibility and will effectively make your business appear established and trustworthy”

You have to know what is on our website.   Look at your designated aisle content and go the website and see what customers can see.  The content is current (if there is anything no longer relevant please tell me) which is important for a website to remain relevant.

If you see a link, click it to make sure it works and so you know where it takes the customer.  I don’t recreate content and therefore link to some content that already exists on the internet but sometimes the other end stops working (page not found) because the website owners have moved the content I’ve linked it to – i.e. Home Hardware moved the location of the current catalogues and Sam discovered this.  She let me know and I was able to change the link from our site so it worked again.

Payment merchant login details – ALL LOGINS NOW THE SAME for simplicity (21.4.20)




Connected Home Notes

Everything you need to know to have a conversation with customers!

Can’t be opened on POS PCs.

Click’n’Collect Manual

Loyalty in DART Notes

eGift Cards Training Manual

Humm notes

Latest BDT Advertised Specials

Progression Report IHG e-Learning as at 17.3.22

Designated Aisles – as at August 2021

End of Day Checklist

Empty Peg Checklist

Approved leave as at 17.5.22

New starter training manual

Employee blank leave form

Blank timesheet

Warranty form

Credit Application Form

(last updated 26.10.20)


Employee Handbook

Staff Handover Policy

Incident Report


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